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Welcome to the Birmingham Chapter of the Little Black Dress Club!

Please welcome Gloria Denson as our Director!

Director: Gloria
Gloria is an passionate and ambitious professional and entrepreneur who has lived in the Birmingham area for nearly 10 years. She has assistedin running many groups over the years including: moms groups, book clubs, social groups, and supports groups.  She enjoys spending quality time with her family, day trips with friends, food & wine tasting, shopping, community outreach, and of course planning parties! With her upbeat personality, strong attention to detail, and creativity, it makes a wonderful recipe for any soiree'!  She knows no matter how busy life may have us at times, "hanging with the girls",  is always valued and essential to building strong long lasting friendships.  
Gloria radiates positive energy and contagious enthusiasm which she plans to pour into growing the LBDC Birmingham Chapter. Gloria seeks to develop solid long-lasting relationships with her fellow Directors, members, and vendors in her community. She is excited and committed to being a part of making Little Black Dress Club a success in the Birmingham community and surrounding areas!


"Through these extended connections in our community we find a way to encourage and support each other in all of the areas that make us uniquely women! But above all -I want the members  to relax and laugh, let go of the push and pull of our daily lives and just enjoy the company of those we meet in this group.  There is so much we can learn from each other, so much we can gain in experience from being with others you may never run across in your normal daily life."  "One thing I am sure of is that when a group of like-minded women get together for a special event or even just a glass of wine there is a lot of fun to be had, a special camaraderie filling the air and an understanding and mutual support that's hard to find anywhere else."   .....Gloria

The Birmingham chapter is a community of interesting, adventurous and self-actualized women. We have fun and make lasting friendships. You will find gracious women, who will ease you into feeling like an old friend. Your membership, commitment, and integrity are valued. We are an exclusive membership open to women, married or single. A diverse age range is represented.

The Birmingham chapter is growing quickly and there are many benefits of membership! For an annual fee of $40 you will receive access to exclusive event opportunities and a membership card which facilitates discounts at a variety of restaurants, spas, and boutiques. The current list of offers is available below. 

Visit our local Facebook page to find out more!

If you would like to gain exposure for your business, please contact Gloria at!


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New discount opportunities are offered regularly! Keep checking back for the latest discounts exclusive to Birmingham LBDC members.




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