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Strategic Advisers


Sean Kidder, Business Development and Financials

Sean Kidder is a results-oriented executive with over 25 years of management experience in financial, technical, and Internet companies. From 2006 – January 2010 he was CTO of Mobile Posse Inc. – a company focues on mobile advertising. He oversaw systems development and operations for client and server systems. During his tenure the company grew from no customers to over 2 million.

From 2004 through 2005, Sean was COO of MobilecomNetworks Inc., a company focused on bringing new advertising models and services to mobile phones. From 1995-2001, Sean served in key technical and management roles at AOL. From 1997 on, he was a Vice President in AOL’s Technologies division. His key responsibilities included development and operation of AOL’s customer billing system, which processed more than $3 billion in credit card transactions annually, and development and operation of AOL’s advertising systems, which managed and tracked over a billion ad impressions per day. Sean established the first overseas systems development center in Dublin, Ireland, focusing on the business system needs of AOL Europe. Sean was also responsible for customer care systems, data warehousing and other business systems.

Prior to AOL, Sean was President and the co-founder of Loan Processing Technologies, a company providing services to mortgage originators. Before that, Mr. Kidder was at Fannie Mae for over seven years. He has a B.S. in Business Administration from Georgetown University.


Sandy Christopher, Communications

Sandy Christopher comes to the Little Black Dress Club with more than 30 years of strategic communications experience. She is a “hands-on” professional who has led large and small communication efforts which focused on the creation and execution of projects ranging from branding to communications strategy training to coaching executives on developing communication strategies and skills. She has excellent writing and speaking skills and is an expert in web design and stakeholder communications. Many of her projects have required her to work across the organization to set strategies, build consensus, and lead the successful execution of projects that increase customer satisfaction, boost employee morale, and enhance an organization’s reputation.